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The Russian banks will start identification of clients on a selfie

The Russian banks are going to introduce identification of clients on a selfie. About it on Tuesday, July 25, Izvestia with reference to representatives of Sberbank, VTB 24, SMP Bank and Rosbank reports. The B&N Bank, Citibank and "Ak Bars" also consider the possibility of start of similar system.

according to bankers, the innovation will allow to carry out a remote inspection of citizens at any operations — from application for the credit before work with the current accounts. Will allow to send to clients by e-mail a selfie and the photo of the passport that will allow them not to come to office.

Experts in cyber security have reported

to the newspaper that use of the pictures received from inexpensive smartphones or improved by means of editors of images is fraught with problems when checking clients. They don't exclude that swindlers will be able to pick up photos with similar persons.

on July 10 at one of offices Sberbank has installed to

the ATM with technology of face recognition.

at the end of May the deputy chairman of board of Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov has reported that the financial organization tests robots which will identify clients on the person, to learn and remember them in several foreshortenings.

In March the president of Sberbank German Gref has said that the credit institution works on technology of identification of clients for the movement of lips.




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